The sudden failure of the elevator teaches you how to protec

"Will the elevator fall to the ground?"
“Elevators generally do not fall. Even if they fall, they will not go directly to the ground, because the bottom of the elevator is also equipped with a buffer device, the elevator fell like it fell on the spring.”
The day before yesterday morning, in the district-level civilized community, the two elevator companies cooperated with the residential property management to carry out elevator safety knowledge quiz to remind citizens to take the ladder. Among these problems, some are related to the civilized take-the-ladder, and some are related to the sudden self-rescue of elevator emergency failure. At the same time, the heads of the two elevator companies have corrected the residents' misunderstandings about elevator common sense.
Relatively safe inside when the elevator is trapped


Why does the elevator suddenly stop running? Many people think this is in danger. In fact, this is a method of elevator self-help.
When the elevator leaves the factory, a lot of safety protection measures are set. When the elevator fails to meet the requirements for the normal operation of the elevator due to a certain situation, the elevator will stop running. If someone inside just happens to cause an accident, so it's safe to stay inside when the elevator is trapped.
Some people worry that being trapped in an elevator will suffocate, but it is not. The elevator is not sealed. There are vents on the top and there is a gap in the hall door.
Trapped elevators, of course, can't sit still. To inform people outside the rescue as soon as possible, you can contact the elevator rescue center and the engine room via the intercom system, or dial the 119 or 110 alarm directly.
It is worth noting that do not try to force open the elevator door. Your trapped position may be in the middle of the floor. Forcibly breaking it may cause the elevator to start abnormally, and there is even a risk of falling into the elevator shaft.
At the same time, it is also not possible to imitate the scenes in the drama and do not escape from the elevator ceiling. Once the exit plate is opened, the safety switch will stop the elevator. However, if the exit board accidentally closes, the elevator may suddenly start to lose balance and there is a danger of falling from the top of the elevator. Passengers do not force the car door
Elevators generally do not experience a "freefall" type of accident. Each elevator has multiple wire ropes, more than seventy-eight, and more special elevators. Under normal circumstances, each can withstand the full weight of the elevator.
In operation, the speed limit safety device of the elevator will work even if all the ropes are broken. The speed limit safety device will drive the safety gear on the elevator and forcibly clamp the elevator on the guide rail of the elevator. The safety gear can work even without electricity at all.
When the elevator is suddenly stopped due to power interruption, elevator failure, etc., and is trapped inside the car, please wait quietly and do not act arbitrarily so as to avoid “cutting” or “falling well” accidents. Passengers should not force the car door or attempt to enter the car. They should try to get in touch with the outside world.
"Even if the elevator falls, it will not directly hit the ground because the bottom of the elevator is also equipped with a buffer device. The elevator will fall down like a spring," said the person in charge of the Sanyo Elevator.
After the accident, when the passengers in the elevator call the police, they provide the outside world with basic information such as the number of trapped people in the car and the health conditions, whether the emergency lights in the car are on, and the position of the car in the car, in order to ease the difficulties.
Suddenly the elevator is falling so it can protect itself
1. (Whether there are several floors) Press the keys of each floor quickly. When the emergency power source starts, the elevator can immediately stop falling.
2. If there is a handle in the elevator, hold one hand tightly. This will fix your position so that you will not fall because of the unstable center of gravity.
3. The entire back and head are in close contact with the inner wall of the elevator and are in a straight line to use the elevator wall as a protection for the spine.
4. The knee is in a bent position, borrowing knee bends to withstand heavy blow pressure.
5. To lift the heel is stepping. If there are few people in the elevator, it is better to hold the arms and handles.
6. If there is no handrail in the elevator, you can use your hands to protect your neck and avoid injury

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