2018 new journey

Time: February 26, 2018 8:30
Location: Howard Johnson Pearl Plaza, Wuhan, China
On the occasion of the commencement of the work, the total and outstanding sales managers of sales offices in all offices of Jiangsu Xide Elevator Co., Ltd. gathered in Wuhan and held the first sales meeting of Jiangsu Xide Elevator in 2018.



The meeting reviewed the sales work in 2017: It affirmed the achievements and commended the outstanding offices and sales managers. At the meeting, the chairman listened to the work report of each office and summarized some specific opinions feedback from each office to the company. Recalling the entire 2017, the entire sales team of West Germany Elevator had a better service quality and technical level. In the past there has been a great improvement.

The meeting scheduled the work of 2018: announced the company's new sales policy in 2018, requiring all regional branches and offices to increase service in 2018 to improve service quality; the company focused on improving product quality, not maliciously cut prices and Reduce product quality. Adhere to the corporate culture value concept of “We will never sell the future for short-term benefits”.

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